Beans on Toast releases song for Boomtown: ‘Take Your Sh*t Home With You!’

 Beans on Toast releases song for Boomtown: ‘Take Your Sh*t Home With You!’

Beans on Toast has recorded a song telling festivalgoers to take their tent home with them, released late tonight on the official Boomtown Youtube channel and Facebook.

In “Take your sh*t home with you”, Beans says the amount of abandoned tents “pulls a rug from underneath all of the magnificence” of the festival. He adds: “If you want the world to be more like a festival, festivals are gonna have to lead by example.”

Beans on Toast routinely features at Boomtown Fair, playing a regular 3pm Sunday slot on the Old Mines stage. He’s been moved to the Town Centre stage for the first time this summer.

It’s currently Boomtown Green Week, during which a number of environmental initiatives are being unveiled. This morning, the festival launched the ‘Take Your Tent Home‘ campaign alongside over 60 others as members of the Association of Independent Festivals.

The average abandoned tent contains as much plastic as 8,750 straws, adding up to nearly 900 tonnes every year at British festivals. Boomtown announced last night plastic bottles will be banned at this year’s event and all food and drink packaging sold on site will compost into soil within 12 weeks.

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