Boomtown bans plastic bottles and brings in Vegware compostable cups

 Boomtown bans plastic bottles and brings in Vegware compostable cups

Image credit: Charlie Raven / Boomtown Fair

Boomtown Fair have announced they’re banning plastic bottles from being sold at Chapter 11 this summer. All food and drink packaging will be made entirely compostable, from pint ‘glasses’ to food boxes and coffee cups.

The announcement is the first of a series of Green Mission initiatives to be revealed this week.

Like Glastonbury, WaterAid refill stations will be located around the festival and fans will be encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles. Boomtown steel bottles are currently available online and will be available on site.

Boomtown say the move will prevent 225,000 plastic bottles from being used and the ban extends to artists and crew in backstage areas. Traders will continue to sell canned drinks.

Plant-based, Vegware disposable food and drink packaging will be used exclusively at the festival. This is entirely compostable and can be disposed of together with food waste in special bins around the site.

Boomtown say the clear bar cups “look just like plastic” but are entirely plant-based and compostable. All disposables sold on site, right down to napkins and coffee cup linings, will be made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials and will compost into soil in under 12 weeks.

Fans won’t be prevented from bringing their own plastic bottles into the festival and anyone that fills a bag of recycling can claim £10 from a campsite eco-bond hub.

Boomtown is the first festival of this size in the UK to implement these solutions in what it calls a “huge logistical operation”. The festival is working with its waste contractor and a local composting facility to create a closed-loop system, turning food waste and packaging into high-grade agricultural soil.

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Image credits:
Main – Charlie Raven / Boomtown Fair
Recycling – LeoraBermeister / Boomtown Fair