Eight Boomtown stages will be ‘completely upgraded’ this year

by Sam Warrenger
Boomtown Fair 2018 Bang Hai Towers Chris Lorenzo

Eight of Boomtown’s main stages will be “completely upgraded” ahead of Chapter 11 this August.

Ambrosia Firestorm, the host of Boomtown News, said last week: “with a whopping eight new stages, this year’s annual fair is set to be even more spectacular than ever before”.

She added: “the city as we know it has changed forever”.

Ambrosia also revealed that Boomtown are “radically” upgrading their sound systems after “significant investment”.

Boomtown operates within strict off-site sound limits and requires specialist sound management that responds to the weather. The festival last week admitted: “up until now we have never quite got it right”.

In the latest Boomtown News bulletin, Professor Velocity Megawatt says “the people wanted improved audio quality at the annual fair”.

The scientist and sound expert was commenting on the possibility of artificial intelligence leading to the downfall of humanity, and said: “when the Bang Hai technicians initiated the AMI programme they created a machine that cannot be stopped”.

She explains that Boomtown’s AI-assistant AMI, which seized control of the city’s infrastructure during the Chapter 10 closing ceremony, has “enacted the will of the people” by investing in improving Boomtown’s sound levels.

The Boomtown website promises “we ARE going to crack it for Chapter 11” and explains that “new technologies” will have an “extremely exciting” effect on festival-wide sound management.

“We can’t divulge all the details quite yet as they are currently under top-secret development, but we will, and trust us when we say you will not be disappointed!”

A ‘Boomtown Radical Sound Design Group’ has been formed with a mission of improving the sound experience across the Fair.

Comprised of sound designers and acoustic technicians from across Europe, the group is working to increase bass levels in the arenas. Boomtown explained, “it is not a simple mission of ‘turning it up’!”

Despite growing to a capacity of over 65,000, Boomtown still sticks within the same off-site sound levels it was permitted a decade ago.

This has been accomplished using “clever modelling” and the deployment of hundreds of sound barriers.

The news bulletin also revealed that AMI is implementing a city-wide environmental policy “that will impact every aspect of the fair and every resident of the city”.

Boomtown have so far only revealed the line-up for Area 404, the festival’s new techno and electronic district.

Napalm Death are the only other act confirmed for this summers festival following a leak on the band’s website. The headliners will be revealed this Friday.

Applications to volunteer at the festival are now open, both with Boomtown directly and via Oxfam.

Boomtown Fair Chapter 11: A Radical City will take place from 7th – 12th August 2019. Initial ticket sales for Chapter 11 broke Boomtown records back in November.

Main image credit: Mike Massaro / Boomtown Fair

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