Don’t get scammed, Boomtown have a Glasto-style ticket resale soon

 Don’t get scammed, Boomtown have a Glasto-style ticket resale soon

With Boomtown selling out as early as February, demand for second-hand tickets is massive. “Anyone selling Boomtown tickets?” has become a regular post on forums and Facebook groups across the country.

Despite regular warnings from Boomtown organisers, people just can’t help getting ripped off with fake tickets. Probably something to do with those killer headline sets lined-up from Limp Bizkit and Gorillaz.

This year, tickets for Boomtown are non-transferable, and the name on the tickets must match your ID and Boomtown’s own records upon entry to the festival.

Boomtown turn away countless disappointed fans each year when the barcode on their tickets proves to be invalid. Yet if you’re that desperate for a ticket, perhaps all your mates are going, you might be willing to risk buying a ticket on Facebook.

When is the Boomtown ticket resale?

Don’t. There’s a better way. This year, Boomtown are running a ‘ticket resale’ event, kinda like Glastonbury always do. Anyone with an unwanted ticket is able to ‘sell it back’ to the festival for a full refund.

These tickets will then go back on official sale sometime in June. You can enter your email address here to be alerted when the Boomtown ticket resale happens. When the resale date is confirmed, you’d better set an alarm and be ready at your computer, because just like Glastonbury, they’ll likely sell out within minutes.

But I keep seeing Boomtown tickets for sale?

Reselling Boomtown tickets is not allowed, as any genuine fan can claim a full refund from the festival for an unwanted ticket.

Organisers have warned fans to avoid any online marketplace, even those backed by major ticketing companies, to avoid disappointment at the festival gates. Remember, Boomtown Chapter 10 tickets are strictly non-transferable, so don’t risk it.

If you don’t fancy your chances in the resale, how about going to Boomtown for free? Check out our guide to the various volunteering opportunities available at Boomtown Chapter 10, and you could get a free Boomtown ticket in exchange for working three 8 hour shifts.