Boomtown: 35 hours of sets from Tribe of Frog are now on SoundCloud

 Boomtown: 35 hours of sets from Tribe of Frog are now on SoundCloud

Over 35 hours of artist and DJ sets from Boomtown’s Tribe of Frog stage have been uploaded to SoundCloud, having been professionally recorded by Tribe of Frog production.

Tribe of Frog, Boomtown Fair’s woodland psytrance stage, announced the sets had been uploaded in a Facebook post earlier this weekend. The official SoundCloud also has recordings of sets from the Tribe of Frog stage at Boomtown 2018 and at other festivals, including Nozstock.

In addition to the over 35 hours of Boomtown 2019 sets now available, Tribe of Frog said even more sets could be uploaded in future.

The 27 sets currently available include Spiritual Mode, Jägerhertz, Dirty Saffi and Mutaliens. Also featured in the playlist below are Steve OOOD, Pieman and Antispin.

Here’s a direct link to the Tribe of Frog Boomtown 2019 playlist on Soundcloud. You can also catch up on last year’s sets here.

Some other sets from Boomtown 2019 have been recorded and uploaded, such as DJ Osh-Kosh’s set at the new Broken Core stage. She has shared her hour-long mix on her own Soundcloud page and allowed fans to download the mp3 for free.

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