David Cameron was back at Wilderness Festival last weekend

 David Cameron was back at Wilderness Festival last weekend

David Cameron was spotted at Wilderness Festival last weekend, posing for selfies with a hen party late Saturday night.

The former Conservative Prime Minister hit the headlines after last summer’s Wilderness when photos emerged of him smoking cigarettes and hugging Corbyn supporters.

This year, Wilderness was headlined by Nile Rodgers & Chic, Bastille, and French electronic act Justice. The Oxfordshire festival also plays host to a champagne garden, Michelin-star food, Paddleboard Yoga, and a lakeside spa. It likely offers a slightly different vibe to Download or Creamfields.

The Crown’s Olivia Coleman and Millie Mackintosh, formerly of Made in Chelsea, were also spotted at the festival; a self-described “celebration of music, arts, food, and the outdoors.”

Wilderness Festival takes place at the Cornbury Park Estate near Charlbury, part of the Witney constituency for which David Cameron was local MP during his time in Parliament.

Cameron was known for taking risks to cement his grasp on power, having successfully gambled his career multiple times, including the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Having expected Remain to win the Brexit referendum, Cameron expected to silence the Eurosceptics within his Conservative Party. When the result went the other way, setting the country on a path to self-destruction, Cameron resigned as Prime Minister within hours.

Weeks later, he also resigned his seat as local MP for Witney. Having wiped his hands of the consequences of his austerity government and the subsequent Brexit vote, he now spends his days relaxing and raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds for after dinner speeches around the globe.

It seems David has also taken a liking to Wilderness Festival, having been spotted at the event for two years running.

Last year, he was pictured hugging a woman with pink hair, whilst holding a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The woman was wearing a sequin jacket featuring a large heart emblazoned with the word ‘Corbyn’ inside.

Despite being critiqued by an art historian, some did suggest the image had been edited, though Cameron was definitely at Wilderness that year and was pictured on many other occasions.

Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, took to Twitter this morning to comment on the former Prime Ministers return to Wilderness Festival. He said he was glad David was enjoying the party whilst the rest of us were left clearing up his “monumental Brexit mess” and called ‘Dave’ a muppet.

Countless others made jokes suggesting they’d prefer Mr Cameron was exiled to the actual Wilderness, rather than the Wilderness another user dubbed “the most middle-class festival” around.

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