Glastonbury plastic bottle ban planned for 2019

 Glastonbury plastic bottle ban planned for 2019

With the festival in it’s regular fallow year for 2018, organiser Emily Eavis has spoke of plans for a Glastonbury plastic bottle ban at the 2019 festival during a conversation with BBC Radio 6 Music. Emily has recently spoken about plans for an expanded Block 9 area and radical new Arcadia show to come at the next Glastonbury.

In the absence of a formal press release, and with only a hurried red carpet answer from Tuesday’s NME awards in London, details remain unclear, and it is not known if this ban would only apply to drinks sold on site, or would also prohibit plastic brought through the gates.

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The wellbeing of festival-goers likely to become intoxicated and dehydrated must surely be accounted for with any reusable bottle scheme. Access to drinking water is essential, and during 2017’s hottest Glastonbury on record, a price of £3 for a 500ml bottle of water sparked widespread constenation. A limited number of water points around site would allow these to be refilled for free, but with Glastonbury attendees likely to become separated from any bottle, requiring the purchase of a new, expensive reusable water bottle to grant convenient access to water could present a safety risk.

A spokesman confirmed the Glastonbury plastic bottle ban plans were in the works, but said it was too early to “put any flesh on the bones” regarding details. He said “It’s a massive thing which everyone at the festival is working on.”

Ms Eavis, daugter of Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, told BBC Radio 6 Music the plastic water bottle ban was “the big project” for the next festival. She continued:

“There’s lots going on at the moment. We’re working on banning plastic bottles… which is an enormous project and it’s taking a lot of time to tackle it with all the different people we work with, but that’s the big project at the moment for 19, to get rid of plastic bottles across the whole site. Everyone wants to play the 50th anniversary in two years time.”

Twitter users were generally impressed with the news, with unofficial expert @GlastoWatch expecting the ban to only cover drinks sold by traders within the festival.

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