First batch of Glastonbury tickets sell out in 29 minutes

 First batch of Glastonbury tickets sell out in 29 minutes

The first batch of Glastonbury tickets for 2019 went on sale at 6pm tonight and promptly sold out within 29 minutes.

Only tickets sold with coach travel to the festival were available in tonight’s sale. You don’t get given your festival ticket until you’re on the coach, so those that bought tickets tonight are now committed to coach travel.

A notice appeared that all tickets for coaches departing on Wednesday had sold out at 6:22pm, with all Thursday departure tickets selling out shortly after at 6:29pm.

General admission tickets without coach travel become available in the main ticket sale at 9am this Sunday, and are likely to sell out within an hour. Only fans that registered and uploaded a passport photo before last weeks deadline are able to attempt buying tickets in either sale.

Organisers confirmed on social media that tonight’s Glastonbury tickets had sold out just after 6:29pm.

Emily Eavis, daughter of Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, said on Twitter that half of tonight’s coach packages had been sold after 14 minutes.

Coach travel package tickets have been sold on the Thursday evening before the main ticket sale since 2014. It encourages fans who would otherwise have travelled by car to attempt buying coach travel packages, maximising their chances of getting a Glastonbury ticket whilst travelling more sustainably.

Since the introduction of the Thursday sale, coach travel tickets have sold out in less than 33 minutes every year. Last time, they sold out in just 23 minutes.

General admission tickets took 50 minutes to sell out back in Glastonbury 2017’s Sunday morning sale. The year before, over 118,000 general admission tickets sold out in just 26 minutes.

Glastonbury tickets sold out
A note was added to the holding page after 22 minutes confirming Wednesday departures had sold out

Demand for Glastonbury 2019 tickets could be even higher than last time around, as the festival didn’t take place in 2018. Glastonbury takes a regular fallow year, allowing the site to recover.

The Glastonbury line-up is never revealed until long after the ticket sales, allowing countless rumours to take hold.

An Oasis reunion is rumoured for Glasto every single year, this time fuelled by Liam Gallagher tweeting that he wants to reunite the band back in July.

Robert Smith recently hinted that The Cure could return to Glastonbury. Stormzy could also appear, having been cited as a suitable future headliner by Emily Eavis back in 2017. He’s also dropped a hint on his Instagram story last month.

Fans that fail to secure their Glastonbury tickets in this month’s sales will have another opportunity in April, when the annual ‘resale’ takes place. Tickets that have been cancelled or that haven’t been paid off are placed back on sale to the general public.

If you didn’t register and upload a photo before the deadline, you’ll have another chance to do so here before the April resale.