Man fears going blind after Creamfields bottle attack

Doctors have told 21 year old aluminium fabricator Jimmy Leggett he faces a 50/50 chance of losing the sight in his left eye, following a horrific bottle attack at Creamfields which led to shocking pictures being widely shared on social media. Mr Leggett said he “did not recognise himself” after the attack left him with a chunk of his face missing. He was given over 50 stitches at Aintree Hospital following the attack, during which he suffered a broken nose, cheekbone, and eye socket.

Jimmy gave this statement to the Liverpool Echo:

“I don’t remember anything that happened, I don’t even remember being in the hospital but I can remember looking in the mirror and thinking, that’s not me. I didn’t recognise my own face. I’m due to go back to the doctors to get my stitches out and when the swelling goes down they will decided whether I need surgery but its pretty much certain that I will. My eye is still so swollen so they don’t know yet how affected my sight is but they’ve said there is a 50/50 chance I could lose the sight in my left eye. This was my first time at Creamfields and it was the best festival I’ve ever been to. I’ll definitely be back next year. I’m not going to let this kill the vibe.”

Jimmy’s twin brother Max also made an appeal on Facebook:

“My twin brother went to Creamfields yesterday… and was brutally attacked and has sustained serious facial injuries, resulting in him barely being able to talk, eat or drink. …I hope to God that it brings him justice with whoever the f***** who did it gets caught and brought down. Even though there have been so many shares I urge anyone that can also share this with friends of friends as much as possible to try and reach someone who might know the slightest detail. I also express my thanks to everyone that has supported Jimmy Leggett and his family through this horrible and shocking situation.”