Tickets for Shambala 2020 are on sale now

 Tickets for Shambala 2020 are on sale now

Tickets for next summer’s Shambala Festival, which are likely to sell out, went on general sale at 1pm this afternoon. The first ‘tier 1’ tickets sold are priced at £169 plus fees for an adult weekend ticket, or £149 if bought with coach or bike travel.

The meat-free, 15,000 capacity festival sold out in record time this year, with all regular adult tickets sold by 31st January. The previous year, the event sold out on 19th March.

Once the tier 1 tickets are sold, tier 2 tickets will be priced at £189 and the final tier 3 tickets will cost £209. All tickets are discounted by £20 when purchased with coach travel or an organised bike ride, so buying your ticket early and travelling green could make your ticket £60 cheaper.

UPDATE: Tier 1 tickets have now sold out.

Shambala takes place at a secret location in Northamptonshire, with the 2020 event set for 27th – 31st August. The line-up is yet to be revealed; the full poster wasn’t released until June last time, though some acts were announced week-by-week from January. Tickets are available from

A 5-minute official aftermovie for Shambala 2019 was released last night.

Shambala banned the sale of meat and fish at the event in 2016 and last year banned the sale of cow’s milk, with plant-based dairy-free alternatives like coconuts or hemp used instead.

Organisers say Shambala is “not a vegan festival” and eggs, organic cheese and some other dairy ingredients are still sold on site.

When the dairy-free policy was announced, they commented: “We are not saying that we think you should be 100% plant-based. We are saying that we absolutely believe that a more responsible diet contains far fewer animal products than we have become used to, and that the poor old dairy cow is a significant source of environmental impact.

“We dearly hope that Shambala provides an opportunity to explore often complex issues, break bad habits and get inspired to make changes that are good for health, happiness and planet.”

They added: “Also, quite frankly if it pisses off Piers Morgan, we’re game.”

Featured image credit: Ania Shrimpton / Shambala