Someone stole Parklife’s favourite sign and they’re losing it on Twitter

 Someone stole Parklife’s favourite sign and they’re losing it on Twitter

Manchester’s Parklife Festival held a garden party at a bar in the city today, ahead of the festival this June.

After many hours drinking in the sun, someone decided it was time to steal a massive ‘Parklife’ sign from the event. Unfortunately for Parklife, it was their favourite one, and it’s sent whoever’s running their Twitter tonight into a bit of a meltdown.

Oh, and they seem to be offering 2 VIP Parklife weekend tickets as a reward for any evidence, or the safe return of the sign. We thought they might be joking, but a subsequent tweet confirmed that Parklife are “not playin games.”

It all went wrong around 8PM, when Parklife first reported the shocking theft.

Less than 20 minutes later, they had this taunt of a confession. Caleb here is brazenly showing off his stolen loot just meters away from the ongoing garden party.

Parklife didn’t seem particularly impressed with such a brazen response, advising Caleb not to let his guard down anytime soon.

Amidst the commotion, a punter chose the wrong time to ask about tickets.

Parklife then raised the tension, sharing this screenshot of their DM’s with the supposed thief.

The festival stepped things up a notch, publishing a full-on ‘WANTED – CALEB SELMAN’ poster, offering up two free VIP Parklife weekend tickets for any evidence leading to the safe return of their favourite sign. Complete with a #FindCaleb hashtag.

The VIP area at this years Parklife will feature a recreation of Sankeys Soap, including its original sound system. VIP tickets about a £20 upgrade over standard day tickets. They also provide access to secret stages, special bars, and most importantly, luxury loos. The last few are available now on Parklife’s Skiddle profile.

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Unfortunately for the Parklife organisers missing their sign, the promise of a reward has not lured the sign back to them. Much less, they continue to be taunted by the notorious Caleb, who seems to have found his way into bed with their pride and joy.

Will the sign ever be returned?
Will Caleb face justice?
Will the street of South Manchester ever be safe again?

Stay tuned.

The very last ‘final release’ tickets for Parklife are still available from their official Skiddle page. Standard day tickets are completely sold out, with only the last few VIP tickets remaining, alongside both VIP and standard weekend tickets.