These are the forests Boomtown are planting around the world

 These are the forests Boomtown are planting around the world

Boomtown Fair have now helped TreeSisters plant over 71,725 trees around the world, after a pledge to plant one tree for every ticket sold to the festival last summer was bolstered with money raised at the event.

Earlier this week, organisers revealed ‘TreeSisters: women seeding change’ will be the official charity partner for Chapter 12 next year. An option to add a £2 donation to the charity will be available when tickets go on sale at 7pm tonight. Each donation works out as five trees, which means if everyone attending donates Boomtown could plant over 250,000 trees.

The radical reforestation of our planet is cited as a powerful solution to climate change. TreeSisters said: “Together we are restoring eight diverse ecosystems in the tropics and protecting some of the most critically endangered species in the world. Our focus is on the empowerment of women in marginalised communities also ensures that both lives and lands are being restored.”

TreeSisters have shared a breakdown of the forests where Boomtown’s trees have been planted this year:

Madagascar: Coastal mangrove forests

Trees planted: 28,286

Anjajavy Forest, inset by a swath of mangrove riparian forest, Madagascar

Boomtown are helping TreeSisters plant nearly 30,000 trees to boost coastal mangrove forests in Madagascar. This also helps men and women out of indentured slavery.

Brazil: Atlantic Forest

Trees planted: 2,829

Jaguar Atlantic Forest Brazil

The creation of forest corridors between the remaining fragments of Brazil’s great Atlantic Forest helps jaguars repopulate.

Cameroon: Mount Bamboutos

Trees planted: 8,571

This vital forest protects the last critically endangered gorillas living on Mt Bamboutos in Cameroon.

Madagascar: Dry deciduous forests

Trees planted: 8,571

Dry deciduous forests in Madagascar provide protection to multiple species of endangered lemurs.

Kenya: Mount Kenya

Trees planted: 7,260

Mount Kenya is Kenya’s primary water tower for agricultural sustainability. Boomtown are helping TreeSisters plant 7,260 trees in the ring of forest around the mountain.

India: Ancient cloud forest

Trees planted: 5,657

Home to one of the planet’s last matrilineal cultures, Boomtown are helping TreeSisters plant nearly 6,000 trees to bolster ancient cloud forest in northeast India.

India: Southern agricultural lands

Trees planted: 1,980

Indian Agroforestry

TreeSisters are working to counteract the desertification of agricultural lands in Southern India through agroforestry.

Nepal: Jungle habitat and community forests

Trees planted: 8,571

Nepal Community Forest Binayi

Boomtown are helping TreeSisters plant over 8,500 trees in Nepal’s community forests and jungle habitats.

Worldwide total so far: 71,725

Boomtown organisers said back in May: “This is just the very beginning and we want to see just how huge a forest we can grow with the incredible Boomtown community – not just to clean up our carbon, but as a gesture of love back to the world that gives us everything that we need to help restore the balance.”

– Interview: Boomtown Sustainability Coordinator Emily Ford
– Boomtown are growing a tropical rainforest with almost 50,000 trees

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Image credits:
Featured – Charlie Raven / Boomtown Fair
Madagascar mangrove forest – C. Michael Hogan / public domain
Atlantic forest jaguar – Land Rover Our Planet / CC BY-ND 2.0
Madagascar lemur – David Dennis / CC BY-SA 2.0
India agroforestry – James Anderson, World Resources Institute / CC BY-ND-SA 2.0
Nepal community forest – CIFOR / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0