Review: Boomtown Halloween at Area 404

by Sophie Hadley
Boomtown Area 404

“Wow” was the first word that came out of my mouth when I got inside, I could not believe the attention to detail put into this once empty warehouse; it was incredible!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by some power plant looking workers who told me to get in quickly before I was contaminated. It was at this point I already knew the night was going to be absolutely insane.

Boomtown Area 404 Nuclear Workers

The first room we entered was the main room, ‘Core Reactor’, where at this point of the night Trojan Sound System were playing live reggae. I had no idea who these guys were prior to Area 404 but I have never felt so “blissful” whilst listening to music before. They really set the mood!

The decor in this room was well and truly mind-blowing. It was a slice of Boomtown Festival. 

Boomtown Area 404 Core Reactor

The outdoor areas in between the rooms were also extremely stunning and showed plenty of character. There were lots of actors lurking around looking for people to partake in the immersive experience. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get very far with the storyline as I had maybe one too many beverages! Oops. 

The next room explored was the ‘Acid Chamber’ which may I firstly say had the most intense and spectacular sound system ever. The music felt 4D! It was almost impossible to not have a boogie in here. We saw Edetto play an amazing set in here. I almost did not want to leave!

Boomtown Area 404 Acid Chamber

We proceeded to explore and came across the “Engine Room” where we saw Pengshui. The scale of genres all at one event was just unbelievable! Obviously this is common of Boomtown to offer multiple genres, but I suppose you never really expect it on a night out! It has just got me super excited for the festival (as if I wasn’t already excited enough).

We then saw Septabeat, A LIVE DRUM AND BASS BAND! I have never seen anything so mesmerizing in my life. Honestly, everyone should check these guys out! 

Boomtown Area 404 Core Reactor

We then explored the Mutant Dance room and saw Patife B2B Alibi feat. MC Darrison. For everyone saying there was no drum and bass at Area 404, you were not looking in the right places! Especially because the main room was playing drum and bass too for the last two hours. 

Boomtown Area 404 Contamination Room

To end our night me and my friends had a groove in The Contamination Room. I did not want the event to end!

In terms of facilities, the toilets were well and truly Boomtown-fashion (compost toilets). I was very impressed with how well the toilet roll was kept intact. I never once had to move stalls or ask anyone if they had any spare roll! Which I often have to do at other event nights.

The bars were all easily accessible and had excellent staff. The service was quick and effective. They offered free cups and water points. The walkways and flooring were a little bit uneven and wet so I would definitely recommend wearing boots or comfortable shoes. 

Overall, Area 404 was a fantastic night out. I travelled from Birmingham and have zero regrets, I would 100% go again. It was a taste of Boomtown Festival yet had its own personality and vibe.

If you were considering it, get your tickets for their next event! It will not disappoint. 

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Boomtown Halloween runs across four nights with two events remaining on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November. Tickets have sold out though a waiting list exists. This review is based on the Saturday 2nd event.

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Featured – Jody Hartley
Content – Jody Hartley / Soul Media / Boomtown Fair

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