Boomtown: Winner of the battle of the line-ups 2018?

 Boomtown: Winner of the battle of the line-ups 2018?

Image credit: Jody Hartley

With the line-ups of each of the major festivals looking relatively complete, it seems that one festival has emerged as 2018’s standout event. That festival is, of course, Boomtown Fair.

Boasting a countless number of bands spread across 25 main stages within 14 districts, Boomtown’s line-up is staggering in scope. In fact, it’s almost bewildering. Scrolling through the 14 different line-up posters you can almost start to feel lost!  With Glastonbury closed this year for a fallow year, Boomtown has emerged as the absolute, hands-down winner for musical diversity in 2018.

“Where else can you skank-out at breakfast to the Dub Pistols before psy-tripping through Shpongle after tea?”

Boomtown line-up

The bill is topped by the Gorillaz, Die Antwoord and Limp Bizkit. These headliners alone hint at the breadth of the music on display at the Fair. The hugely popular, genre-defying Gorillaz are a coup of a signing for the festival, and the eccentric South African alt-rap duo Die Antwoord are sure to put on a hugely entertaining show. Yeah, Limp Bizkit might be seen as a little weak, but who can deny that “Break Stuff” absolutely goes off when played live? Besides, Boomtown’s strength stretches waaaay beyond its headliners. In a line-up as broad as this, the headliners are truly only the tip of the iceberg.

Boomtown Line-up Gallery Preview
Check out every Boomtown district line-up poster here!

Gutted Boomtown Chapter 10 has sold out?
Get a free ticket when you volunteer at the festival

Where else this summer could you go to watch a bit of Jimmy Cliff’s mellow reggae followed by Napalm Death’s extreme metal brutality? Where else can you groove to Billy Brag’s folk-punk and follow this up with a bit of Ghetts’ hard-hitting grime? Where else can you skank-out at breakfast to the Dub Pistols before psy-tripping through Shpongle after tea? The line-up looks a little like it’s been birthed after Radio 1 and Radio 6 slept together whilst tripping on acid.

“Each district represents a different world – aesthetically and musically.”

The secret to the Boomtown line-up’s strength is built into its “districts” format. Each district represents a different world – aesthetically and musically. Each district has a different theme and each is a home to different musical genres. Want to skank to some reggae-dub vibes? Head to the Town Centre or to the Lion’s Den temple. Want to see some of the biggest names in the British Grime scene? Head to Barrio Loco. Want to head-bang and mosh? Head to Diss-Order Alley. Want to rave your way through the weekend? Well, at Boomtown you’re more than spoilt for choice. Head to the Forest Parties, Dstrkt 5, Banghai, Metropolis, or Sector 6.

Aside from the staggeringly strong line-up, Boomtown is well-known for being a festival with some of the best production values in the UK. In fact, I would say it is second to only Glastonbury in that regard.  With that said, compared to Glastonbury, Boomtown is all but a baby. Moving into its 9th year compared to Glastonbury’s 47th, one can only wonder, is it only a matter of time until Boomtown steps up to take the old king’s crown.

Boomtown tickets back on sale!

Despite selling out in record time, Boomtown started a ticket resale on June 7th. To combat resale fraud, ticket-holders that change their mind have been able to refund their tickets, to then be sold officially by the festival themselves.

Standard resale tickets sold out in minutes, however, this year Boomtown have introduced Wednesday early entry packages after gaining approval from the local authorities.  As of 12th June, full weekend tickets, including Wednesday entry, are still available officially here! Coach and train travel options are also still available.

Fancy making Chapter 10 even more special? Boomtown Springs tickets are also still available! An immersive theatrical camping experience in the heart of the fair, A Boomtown Springs ticket provides access to the designated theatrical camping area, and of course, the rest of Boomtown city, as well as some added extras to make life a little bit easier including its own festival entrance and close proximity parking! 

Other luxurious touches include:

  • Free early Wednesday entry
  • The brand new immersive theatrical experience
  • £100 worth of drinks per Springs resident at the secret bars hidden inside the festival 
  • The Boomtown Springs ‘mansion’ and ‘pool’ parties
  • Dedicated entrance lane into the city
  • Access to site wide flushing toilets
  • Free posh shower facilities
  • Spacious campground
  • Prime central festival location
  • Free phone charging
  • Exclusive food outlets
  • Plus more still to be announced!