Free Boomtown Tickets: exclusive free entry guide

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Boomtown takes place on the Matterly Bowl Estate, and with this years festival sold out in record time, volunteering could be your golden ticket to seeing the UK exclusive festival appearance of Gorillaz, alongside Limp Bizkit.

How to: get free Boomtown tickets

Volunteer with Boomtown directly

Boomtown run their own volunteer scheme directly from their own website. Like most of the volunteering firms below, it’ll require three 8 hour shifts and a £280 deposit, which will be refunded within a month after the festival.

You’ll get acess to the crew bar and entertainment, which promises the cheapest pints available on site. You’ll also get a meal voucher per shift worked, and access to a secure dedicated campsite, only a short walk from the car park. Volunteers also get hot showers, and better toilets than offered to the general public. 

The volunteer welfare facility is a great place to make new friends, chill out, enjoy free hot drinks, and charge your phone. Most people find the shifts enjoyable, so with all the aforementioned perks, it’s easy to see why most volunteers keep coming back again and again. 

You can sign up to be part of Boomtown’s stewarding, bar, or recycling teams on the Boomtown volunteering website page, which also features a comprehensive volunteering FAQ.

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Boomtown 2018 Lineup Poster
Boomtown Chapter 10 Line-up Poster

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