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Date confirmed for Boomtown ticket resale

Sold-out Boomtown tickets will go back on sale next month, as cancelled tickets are placed back on official sale! To combat ticket fraud, anyone with an unwanted ticket has the option to return it to the festival for a full refund. These will then be placed back on sale officially, at the original price, just like Glastonbury do every year.Read More

Boomtown: Winner of the battle of the line-ups 2018?

With the line-ups of each of the major festivals looking relatively complete, it seems that one festival has emerged as 2018’s standout event. That festival is, of course, Boomtown Fair. Boasting a countless number of bands spread across 25 main stages within 14 districts, Boomtown’s line-up is staggering in scope. In fact, it’s almost bewildering. […]Read More

Boomtown Chapter 10: Every district line-up poster

With today’s Kidztown line-up poster release, Boomtown have now confirmed the line-up’s for each of their unique districts. Check out every district line-up poster, and the overall poster, for Boomtown Chapter 10: The Machine Cannot Be Stopped below. We’ve also added the Wednesday night poster featuring Boomtown Springs.Read More

Boomtown Fair unveil post-apocalyptic DSTRKT 5 line-up

Boomtown Fair have revealed the line-up for the city’s dystopian future dubbed DSTRKT 5. The district features cybernetic factory Robotika alongside the iconic Scrapyard. The DSTRKT 5 line-up is also said to feature countless micro-venues, some of which will likely be hidden from plain sight, and is labelled a full-on celebration of underground rave and […]Read More