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New Download Festival Eco-Camp to be hosted by Greenpeace

23rd March 2018 Off By

Note – October 2018

This article is about Download 2018. You can no longer register for eco-camp using the instructions below.
If you want to stay in the Download 2019 eco-camp, when Slipknot, Tool, and Def Leppard are set to headline, you can select eco-camp when purchasing tickets from the official Download website.

Original Story – March 2018

Download Festival have confirmed a new campsite will be available for attendees of the 2018 festival. Download Festival Eco-Camp is a brand new campsite within ancient oak trees on the Donington Park estate, set to be hosted by Greenpeace.

Those with a weekend camping ticket can choose to stay in the new Download Eco-Camp for free, however pre-registering online is essential. Those staying within the Download Eco-Camp must pledge to abide by four principles:

  1. All guests agree to being responsible for their gear and take responsibility for any waste they produce.
  2. All guests agree to separate their recyclables in the recycling facilities and put any residual waste in the bins provided.
  3. All guests agree to leave the Eco-Camp exactly as they found it. All camping equipment that is brought in must be taken home again.
  4. Most importantly!  Guests are encouraged to have fun, play, explore, respect fellow campers and enjoy the wonderful, natural surroundings.
Download Festival Eco-Camp Logo

Download Festival Eco-Camp logo

Want to reserve your place in the Eco-Camp for 2019?
Early bird tickets are now on sale.

In a statement on the festivals ‘Dog Blog,’ organisers confirmed the Download Eco-Camp will host activities such as morning yoga, nature walks, and talks on environmental issues.

Greenpeace are hosting a brand new campsite called Eco-Camp in a beautiful part of the Donington Estate, which is home to ancient oak trees and native wildlife. It’s a free campsite for you Downloaders who value spending five glorious days in the great outdoors and respecting the environment just as much as rocking out to your favourite bands.

In the Eco-Camp you can meet like-minded people and take part in morning yoga sessions, nature walks and talks on all things Eco.  It’s a community within a community where everyone is committed to keeping their camp clean, recycling is second nature and everything that is brought in is taken away again with only the experience and memories remaining.

Staying in the campsite is free with a valid weekend ticket to Download 2018, but you must pre-register in advance (four tents maximum) and sign up to a set of eco-principles. These principles include: respecting the natural environment and fellow campers, being responsible for your rubbish and taking your camping equipment home with you. Limited places are available. Visit the Eco-Camp page to find out more information and how to register.

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Download Festival Reusable Beer Cups

Download Festival’s Reusable Beer Cups

Download Festival has achieved Creative Green Certification in recent years, and has introduced re-usable plastic beer cups, a plastic bottle deposit scheme, and a ban on single-use cutlery being given out by traders. An external assessment by Julie’s Bicycle awarded the festival four out of five stars, and praised the festival in the following areas:

  • The introduction of reusable cups greatly reduced the amount of waste in the arena
  • The introduction of a deposit return scheme on plastic bottles ensured the bottles collected were recycled
  • Not allowing  food traders to use single use plastic cutlery or food containers
  • Our partnership with Greenpeace who spoke to you their oceans plastic campaign
  • A three bin system in the campsites offering separation of recycling and food waste
  • Providing recycling bags to all festival goers and recycling points to take them to when full
  • Working with Liftshare to promote car sharing to the festival to reduce carbon emissions from car travel
  • Requiring our main contractors so submit their mileage to gain an understanding of the carbon emissions from production travel
  • Monitoring our waste, power and water consumption and using the data to set targets for future years.

The addition of the Download Festival Eco-Camp is sure to further the festivals environmentalist credentials.

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As an Amazon Associate TheFestivals earns from qualifying purchases / Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates

As an Amazon Associate TheFestivals earns from qualifying purchases / Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates