Festival Iminente review: Lisbon comes to London

 Festival Iminente review: Lisbon comes to London

Festival Iminente is the creation of Portuguese street artist Vhils.

Since 2016 the event has been held in locations across Europe including Lisbon and London.

Many of the performers and creators at Festival Iminente are Portuguese but Iminente also hosts artists from around the world.

The touring festival brings a piece of Portugal with it whenever it shows up; this time landing in the home of the hipster, Shoreditch.

Festival Iminente Review: Shoreditch London 2018

The festival is part music festival, part art exhibition.

Festival Iminente provides a unique platform for the cutting edge in these intersecting worlds.

The fields which I am used to are a far cry from the dusty urban world. Experiencing street art at a festival in central London was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Art acts included a collaboration by Vhils x Fat Boy Slim; The Empty Belly renowned for their monochrome portrayals of reproduction and the politically motivated MaisMenos.

On entering the boiler room at the Old Truman Brewery I noticed a large portrait of the iconic revolutionary Che Guevara however his face was almost beyond recognition. His epitaph gazing proud as ever at the milling viewers.

Festival Iminente Review: Shoreditch London 2018

Behind Che’s mortal remains, on the other side of the boiler house was a pile of gold foil bodies; the work of Robert Panda, a well known Portuguese sculptor and creator of the ‘The Stupid People Project.’

At the base of the tower was an unfortunate character crushed by the weight of the others which he supported. Moving up the individuals were less crushed, but at the very peak, a single figure asserted itself over the others.

Festival Iminente Review: Shoreditch London 2018

Other works included a fully functional arcade claw grabber machine which attempted and failed to pick up assorted items including a bucket hat and an avocado. On the upper gallery a range or prints by Portuguese street artists and outside a selection of wall pieces.

In Festival Iminente’s Room A the music was predominantly hip-hop, with both DJ sets and live performances, including sets by the up and coming Yuzi and New Yorker Smoke DZA.

However, on Sunday there was a performance by the energetic disco group Da Chick, bringing disco well up to date with funky trumpets and lewd lyrics.

During the finale of Da Chick’s set one of the performers jumped into the crowd and lay on the floor while the crowd looked on.

Festival Iminente Review: Shoreditch London 2018

Room B featured predominantly dance DJs, where during the early stages of Sunday spectators jived away to Samba music. Over the course of the night the pace quickened, moving as did the evolution of dance music through disco, then house to the thud of techno.

Despite poor selection of booze (unless of course you like Super Bock) Festival Iminente put on a strong show.

With a musically inclusive feel, stunning visual displays and a prime location, it’s an event well worth checking out in the post-festival season interlude.

See you in a field soon!

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