‘Friendly Fest’ promises to be alternative to “ned culture”

 ‘Friendly Fest’ promises to be alternative to “ned culture”

A new festival for North-East Scotland, Friendly Fest promises to serve as the antidote to the “ned culture” rampant at Scotland’s larger festivals.

Chris Helme and tribute act The Complete Stone Roses are just some of the artists scheduled to appear.

The festival will take place at Keith FC’s Kynoch Park on Saturday 8th May 2018.

Managing director of Digital Love Events gave this statement:

“We had been looking at doing another festival in the north-east for a while, and Keith seemed perfect as it is halfway between Inverness and Aberdeen.”
“There are also a lot of good bands in that area, who we are keen to highlight.”
“We want to see how it works with the inaugural one, but our plan is to start small and build it one brick at a time.”
“We had Primal Scream headline the last Enjoy festival in Aberdeen, and we would like to build Friendly Fest to that sort of status as well.”
“The likes of T in the Park have attracted bad press, by becoming big and unmanageable and developing a ned culture.”
“Our events are about providing a good atmosphere for everyone.”