Glastonbury 2019: Babylon Uprising line-up revealed

 Glastonbury 2019: Babylon Uprising line-up revealed

The full line-up has been revealed for Babylon Uprising at Glastonbury this summer. A fortified stronghold where ravers have seized control of the airwaves, equipped with the crystal clear and hand-built Babylon Uprising Soundsystem.

The venue runs from 11am to 3am each day. Babylon Uprising is just off the path from Leftfield to the Pyramid, at the junction to head towards the Circus Field.

Babylon Uprising have their own website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Glastonbury 2019 Babylon Uprising Line-up Poster

Some Babylon Uprising artists were already revealed earlier this month, with organisers teasing this morning the full line-up would drop at lunchtime.

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Image credit: Jason Bryant