Glastonbury: Friday’s ‘Colombia Magic’ showcase at Gully Blues

 Glastonbury: Friday’s ‘Colombia Magic’ showcase at Gully Blues

A line-up poster has been revealed for a showcase of Colombian artists on the new Gully Blues stage at Glastonbury.

Ten artists, discovered by Silver Hayes co-ordinator Malcolm Haynes at the Barcú International Arts festival in Bogota, will fill the Gully Blues line-up on Friday 28th June.

Two of the Silver Hayes area’s stages, Gully and The Blues, have been merged to form the Gully Blues stage for 2019.

Colombia Barcú festival founder Christopher Paschall said: “It is a dream come true for us to present Colombia Magic at Glastonbury, for us it is a unique opportunity to showcase Colombian talent to the rest of the world”.

Silver Hayes organisers said on social media: “This year we are looking forward to welcoming 10 Colombian artists from Bogota to Silver Hayes, Glastonbury. Malcolm Haynes, co-ordinator of Silver Hayes, discovered these talented bands on his global travels at the Barcú International Arts festival in Bogota. It is with great pride that we showcase the “Colombia Magic” bands on Friday in Silver Hayes at the Gully Blues Stage.

“The bands performing are Salsangroove, Los Yoryis, Mabiland, Ghetto Kumbé, La Payara, Sol Okarina, Acido Pantera and Absalón and Afropacífico. DJ’s include DJ Dabba and DJ Guajiro who will bring their Tropical and Afro Beats.”

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