Glastonbury 2019: Theatre & Circus line-up features Nish Kumar and Jonathan Pie

 Glastonbury 2019: Theatre & Circus line-up features Nish Kumar and Jonathan Pie

The Theatre and Circus area line-up has been revealed ahead of Glastonbury, set for 26th – 30th June 2019.

Satirical news reporter Jonathan Pie will appear at the Astrolabe Theatre. Also on the comedy line-up is Nish Kumar, host of the BBC’s Mash Report.

Australian show ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ will make its Glasto’ debut, described by Wikipedia as “the theatrical contortion of the male genitalia into various positions along with comedic narration”.

The last Glastonbury tickets sold out in minutes in Sunday morning’s resale. There are still three chances to get your hands on tickets in these competitions.

Glastonbury 2019 Theatre & Circus line-up poster

The three fields of the Theatre and Circus area also include the ‘Tor View Lookout’ viewing platform, offering a “unique perspective” across the festival and distant Glastonbury Tor.

Lemn Sissay, John Hegley and Joe Sellman-Leava will appear in the Poetry & Words tent. Lemn Sissay will be reading from his latest collection ‘Gold from the Stone’.

The Circus Big Top will feature a performance of ‘As a Tiger in the Jungle’ produced by Cirkus Xanti and Ali Williams. This haunting show explores first-hand the trafficking of Nepalese children into a life of slavery at the hands of unscrupulous Indian Circuses.

Circus of Horrors is also set to return with a show “packed full of bizarre, beautiful and downright dangerous circus acts”.

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Image credit: Andrew Allcock / Glastonbury Festival