An Extinction Rebellion march will take place at Glastonbury next week

 An Extinction Rebellion march will take place at Glastonbury next week

An Extinction Rebellion march through Glastonbury Festival will take place next Thursday, from The Park to The Stone Circle. It’s part of an effort to demand the social change required to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The ‘Extinction Procession’ will begin at The Park Stage at 4pm, where a series of guest speakers will make a stand for the planet and it’s habitats.

The procession will then march to the Sacred Space in the festival’s Green Fields area, where the Stone Circle is located. At 5:30pm, the largest-ever human hourglass sculpture will be attempted. The hourglass forms Extinction Rebellion’s logo.

The procession has been organised in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion, the Green Fields and Greenpeace. Extinction Rebellion will also be hosting The Disruption Bureau in Glastonbury’s Shangri-La area.

On the Thursday of Glastonbury 2017, 15,000 people gathered at the Stone Circle set the world record for the largest human peace sign.

As the Extinction Procession was announced, Emily Eavis said: “This is a chance for everybody at the Festival who feels passionately about protecting our planet and future generations to be part of a collective moment, before the main stages open up on the Friday.

“Everyone is invited to join in and listen to some inspiring speakers and send out a message to the world that this is a climate emergency and we need to act now.”

Emily Eavis recently shared an Extinction Rebellion video on Twitter.

Green Fields coordinator Liz Elliot said: “We want to get across the message that we’ve not got long before our climate changes irreversibly. Time is incredibly short, but it has not quite run out yet. In fact, it feels like we are at an exciting turning point.

“Carrying on as we are now – living in this unsustainable way – is simply unacceptable. But if we can all make even small adjustments to the way we live our daily lives, these little ripples together will become powerful waves of change.”

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Image credit: Jason Bryant / Glastonbury Festival