There’s only one week until Glastonbury 2020 ticket registration closes

 There’s only one week until Glastonbury 2020 ticket registration closes

Registration for the chance to buy tickets for Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary next year will close one week today, at 5pm Monday 30th September.

Coach travel package tickets will go on sale at 6pm Thursday 3rd October, then general admission tickets will be sold at 9am Sunday 6th October.

Anyone who hasn’t registered by 5pm next Monday won’t be able to attempt to buy tickets, and nobody else will be able to buy one on their behalf.

Glastonbury organisers recommend submitting your application at least one week before registration closes, so you have time to re-apply if your photo is rejected.

To register, visit Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. You’ll need to submit a passport photograph along with your address, email and phone number.

Watching the Glastonbury line-up on the Pyramid Stage from the crowd

Successful registration doesn’t guarantee tickets, as demand always exceeds supply. Last year, coach tickets sold out in 29 minutes and general admission tickets sold out within 36 minutes of going on sale.

Registration will re-open after the October ticket sales, and limited tickets will be available next year when any unwanted tickets are resold.

Anyone who has registered before doesn’t need to register again, but organisers advise you check your registration details here.

Your photo must still be “a good likeness” of how you look now, and it’s worth checking your email address and postcode are up to date.

Glastonbury crowd woman on shoulders

Wolf Alice were the first artist officially confirmed to be on the Glastonbury 2020 line-up when Michael Eavis said the band will “definitely be on next year’s Glastonbury lineup for sure” before they headlined Pilton Party last month.

Supergrass reformed ahead of appearing as special guests at the event, dubbed as an annual ‘thank you’ event organised by Glastonbury for local residents and workers. Bands typically appear on the main Glastonbury Festival line-up the year after playing Pilton Party.

NME asked Supergrass if they’d be at Glastonbury 2020 after the gig. They replied: “I don’t think I can say anything about that! I think we shall leave that in the hands of the Gods.”

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Image credits: Anna Barclay