Angry Punks celebrate tolerance and unity at International Clash

 Angry Punks celebrate tolerance and unity at International Clash

Nothing screams punk more than tolerance and unity.

It’s telling that the message of The Clash endures in today’s world through International Clash Week.

But It wouldn’t be punk if I didn’t just say what I really thought, so thanks for some great gigs KEXP.

Highlights from the week include IDLES featuring a man in his underwear and piggy backs. and Snapped Ankles, who were dressed up as what I’m guessing were swamp creatures?

You can check out both these sets and all the rest from the week via KEXP’s YouTube channel.

Other highlights included Shopping; not the boring kind, the punk kind. Complete with high kicks and head bangs.

Chemtrails International Clash Week

I also enjoyed Chemtrails; not the conspiracy kind, the “I named the band after a Beck song” kind.

Between sets, I chilled out at the bar attached to Studio 9294 and watched performances from musicians supported by The Joe Strummer Foundation.

Former Clash member Strummer’s legacy was to empower people through music and the Joe Strummer foundation supports projects around the world.

For those of you who don’t live in London you can check out what’s going on near you for Clash Week here.

In the words of Joe Strummer: ‘Without people you’re nothing’.