Glastonbury Unfairground Line-up Announcement 2019

Glastonbury 2019: Four Unfairground line-up posters revealed

21st May 2019 Off By

The line-up poster has been revealed for Glastonbury’s Unfairground, featuring artists, sideshows & performers and music.

Scottish protest singer Rory McLoed and underground Irish rappers Captain Moonlight will appear.

Dedicated line-up posters have also been revealed for the Unfairground’s Flying Bus Stage, Salon Carousel and The Blind Tiger. Scroll down to see them all.

The Unfairground has its own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

All-new speakeasy

The Blind Tiger is an all-new speakeasy “hidden inside Elvis’s mouth” with a music programme running from midday to the early hours, curated by Club Momo with decor by Wrekon.

The Flying Bus stage features live underground bands until 11pm followed by new wave house DJ’s curated by Son of Acid.

Unfairground line-up poster

Glastonbury 2019 Unfairground line-up poster

Flying Bus line-up poster

Glastonbury 2019 Unfairground flying bus poster

Salon Carousel line-up poster

Glastonbury 2019 Unfairground Salon Carousel line-up poster

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Blind Tiger line-up poster

Glastonbury 2019 Blind Tiger line-up poster

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Image credit: Andrew Allcock / Glastonbury Festival

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