Becks launches Autonomous beer designed by AI

Becks Autonomous AI beer

In celebration of the brewery’s 150-year anniversary, Beck’s is launching Autonomous, a futuristic-looking limited-edition beer designed with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). From the recipe to its container and logo design, all the way to its advertising campaign, Beck’s Autonomous is one of the first machine-created beers in the world.

With the ability to develop delicious flavours at lightning speed, Beck’s worked with A.I. to create its version of the perfect recipe. Drawn from millions of different flavour combinations, the final beer is a concoction of natural water, malts, hops and yeast, alongside a fifth secret ingredient – years of human expertise, craft, and creativity, collated by AI technology. The beer is set to be brewed in Beck’s brewery in Bremen, Germany. 

Giving people the chance to try this pioneering and cutting-edge brew, Beck’s is releasing just 450 Autonomous limited-edition beers across Germany, Italy, and the UK. Those who want to get ahead of the game can sign up via to get the chance of getting their hands on a container of Autonomous on 12th April. A must-try for any beer lover and A.I. enthusiast or sceptic, Beck’s experiential A.I. creation is expected to be snapped up in minutes. Be sure to be one of the first to taste the future – this is Artificial Intelligence you can taste, touch, smell, and actually hold in your hands. 

Driven by innovation, Beck’s has always been a pioneer in the world of beer, creating the first green bottles, the first six-pack of beers and sending the first hops into space. Experimenting with A.I. for the first time, Beck’s used Chat GPT and Midjourney to design the beer, branding and marketing, working with the tech on editing and continued development, until a final version was given.

Laura Salway, Marketing Director at Beck’s, says: ““For our 150-year anniversary we knew we had to do something special, so we gave A.I. the challenge of helping us create a limited-edition beer to celebrate. Continuous innovation, breaking boundaries and creating delicious beer is central to what we do here at Beck’s. We have a history of firsts – we were one of the first green beer bottles in the world, one of the first 6 packs, and one of the first to can beer, and our new creation encapsulates that pioneering spirit. 

We partnered with Artificial Intelligence, giving a choice of ingredients and worked with it to formulate the recipe – it really is a beer of the future. We hope this experiment demonstrates how A.I. and humans can work together to truly revolutionise the drinks world, and at Beck’s we know it takes the human touch and passion of our brewers and teams to make a beer that is enjoyed all over the world. We believe this is just the start of more exciting developments to come and we have plans to partner with A.I. at scale in the near future including introducing a new A.I. inspired packaging design this year.” 

Beck’s Autonomous will be available on 12th April from   

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