Exclusive aerial photos of Boomtown from the ‘Jesus plane’

 Exclusive aerial photos of Boomtown from the ‘Jesus plane’

Boomtown citizens spotted a plane flying overhead around lunchtime today, circling the festival with a banner reading “Jesus calls, will you follow?”

The group have been flying banners over events for a couple of years, including around a dozen festivals last summer.

Festivals they’ve already flown over this year include Download, Isle of Wight, TRNSMT and Kendal Calling after crowdfunding over £76,000. TheFestivals has been sent the collection of aerial photos below, showing Chapter 11 of Boomtown Fair from above.

FlyJesus, operated by Escalls Methodist Church, was founded by activist Christine Bonfield. She was “feeling distraught over the spiritual state of our country” when God told her: “Get a plane, tie a banner with my message on it and fly the length and breadth of the country.”

FlyJesus plane over Download Festival 2018

Last year’s banner read “Jesus loves every one of you”. Christine told TheFestivals the group thought the flights were finished after last summer, “but then God revealed he wanted people to be able to respond to His love and follow Him.”

Despite weather warnings and brief periods of harsh conditions on-site, ground conditions at Boomtown remain generally good with very little mud and no flooding. While the Relic stage was forced to close on Friday due to the rain, Boomtown’s abundance of incredible stages allowed Relic’s sets to be moved up the hill to the Lion’s Den.

Boomtown Fair 2019 aerial photos

Image credit: Gary Jones