Boomtown capacity increase to 76,999 approved by council

 Boomtown capacity increase to 76,999 approved by council

Image credit: Sam Neill

Boomtown Fair has been granted a capacity increase to 76,999 after a licencing hearing in Winchester yesterday, which will come into effect for the 2020 event next summer.

The 11,000-person increase includes 10,000 extra ticket holders and 1,000 additional crew. According to Boomtown Source, the current licence allows 48,000 ticket holders and 16,999 crew, artists, traders and guests, in addition to 1,000 local residents with special day tickets. That makes a total of 65,999 people on site.

Under the increased capacity in 2020, this will rise to 58,000 ticketholders and 17,999 crew etc. The new licence also allows for up to 27,500 Boomtown Citizens to arrive on Wednesday, first introduced last year for those arriving via sustainable transport only.

Boomtown previously applied for an increase ahead of Chapter 10, but withdrew the application in January 2018. This would have increased capacity that year to 76,000 rising to 81,000 this year. Yesterday’s decision does not affect the capacity of Boomtown Chapter 11, which begins one week today.

Festival Co-founder Lak Mitchell broke the news on Facebook, saying the “massive step forward … was only granted because of watertight operational and infrastructure systems the team have implemented”.

A Boomtown Fair spokesperson told TheFestivals: “We’re really happy to have had an increased licence granted for 2020 event; a very much needed growth that we have been working toward for the last few years. The level of creativity, the desire to produce a sustainable and safe event comes at great financial cost. Sterling work from all the Boomtown team.”

“To top it off the licence just been granted this week for our new venue at Boomtown HQ in Bristol. Watch out for some new shows coming your way this Autumn.”

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Image credit: Sam Neill / Boomtown Fair