Boomtown: Zero-waste Eco Campsite to replace DSTRKT 5 camping

 Boomtown: Zero-waste Eco Campsite to replace DSTRKT 5 camping

Photo courtesy of Leora Bermeister @Farelight Productions

Boomtown will introduce a dedicated Eco Campsite this summer in place of DSTRKT 5 camping, as this area left behind the most tents and waste in 2018.

There is no extra charge or registration required. Organisers say you just need to: “turn up and verbally agree to the Eco Camp ethos”.

Eco Camp benefits include one of the most central campsite locations in the Downtown Bowl and campsite helpers who’ll assist everyone living there to maintain the clean camp ethos.

The campsite will be equipped with the NiftyBin waste sorting system and free workshops to inspire a zero-waste lifestyle.

Last week, Boomtown revealed they will ban plastic bottles and make all food and drink packaging sold on site totally compostable.

They also launched the Take Your Tent Home campaign alongside more than 60 other festivals as part of the Association of Independent Festivals.

The average tent left behind at a festival contains nearly 9,000 drinking straws worth of plastic.

For more information, visit the Boomtown website.

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Image credit: Leora Bermeister / Farelight Productions / Boomtown Fair