New immersive indoor laser arena for Arcadia London

 New immersive indoor laser arena for Arcadia London

Image credit: Like Taylor

Festival powerhouse Arcadia have revealed details of a brand new, 360 degree, immersive dancefloor experience called The Reactor.
Set to launch at Arcadia’s 10th Anniversary festival at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this May Day Bank Holiday, The Reactor is an experimental sensory laboratory that sees Arcadia explore the possibilities of a large-scale indoor space. A mind-bending vortex where cutting-edge physics, high octane energy and slamming basslines collide, the Reactor is set to be the most intense daytime dancefloor London has ever seen.
Arcadia London 2018 Lineup Poster
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The immersive, indoor Arcadia experience is in addition to the dozens of great acts previously confirmed.

Dark from lunchtime as the iconic 50-tonne Spider lays down the outdoor sunshine grooves, the Reactor features a hugely ambitious new laser installation that transforms the hexagonal arena into an all-engulfing geometric matrix. With performers flying overhead morphing the 3-dimensional forcefield, new patterns and symbols forming in the strobes, and a thunderous intensity pumping from every angle, it is set to be a test bed for a whole new chapter of Arcadia’s creative evolution.

With so much of Arcadia’s ethos being rooted in the use of recycled materials and the embedded energy within them, the 360 degree DJ chamber at the Reactor’s core is built from parts that have shape-shifted on the road from New Zealand to Burning Man.
Arcadia founders Pip Rush and Bert Cole said “It’ll be like stepping through a portal and into another dimension. We’ve always wanted to take the ideas that don’t translate outdoors and really push them in an indoor setting. The Reactor concept is about creating a crucible where sound, light, performance, geometry and the energy of thousands interact in an immersive space – and seeing where that can go.”
Tickets for both the Saturday and Sunday of this event are available from the official website here.
Building on Arcadia’s transformational use of materials, the acclaimed Metamorphosis show explores themes of change, featuring the Spider at its center, car-sized robotic spiders crawling above the crowd, spider eggs transported overhead, bio-mechanical creatures pulsing with light, strange tentacled beings swooping from the skies, musical lightning fired in the midst of the crowd, an outer ring of flaming towers, a signature soundscape and unique technological innovations.
The 360-degree immersive experience shot to the top of fan favourite lists at Glastonbury where Arcadia attract tens of thousands of people a night. Recent years have seen Arcadia travel the world, landing the Spider on four continents, from downtown Miami to collaborations with the Aboriginal peoples of Western Australia on the performance of an ancient dance not seen in public since 1901.
Arcadia fuse groundbreaking spectacle, cutting-edge technology, sculpture, engineering, architecture, adrenaline and bass into vivid sensory experiences. Transforming recycled military and industrial hardware into dynamic sculptures and electrifying arenas, Arcadia appear in cities and at festivals throughout the world. The shows are the ultimate Arcadia experience, uniting audiences from all walks of life on a wave of wonder, before some of the world’s finest DJ’s and electronic musicians channel the night into a euphoric crescendo.

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